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Dawson CreekThe City of Dawson Creek is located in northeast British Columbia, about 745 kms north of Vancouver. Dawson Creek is the centre of what is known as the "Peace Country" a vast area of gently rolling hills, rich in agriculture,  around the mighty Peace River, extending across both BC and Alberta. Dawson Creek became infamous for being the "Mile 0 City" after 1941 when as part of the wartime measures, 1,500 miles of road from Dawson Creek to Alaska was built to give overalnd access for the Americans to Alaska. Dawson Creek burst into life as thousands of American soldiers and workers from private companies came to this area to construct the famed Alaska Highway.

The City’s greatest resource in a land rich with agriculture , oil and gas, forestry, history, and culture, continues to be the people. With an expanding population of 12,500 serving a trading population of 55,000, Dawson Creek has maintained its pioneering/entrepreneurial spirit.


Dawson Creek offers an impressive number of public facilities for sporting events, arts, and recreation. Dawson Creek has great variety of activities for the community and has the infrastructure for substantial future growth.

The ENCANA EVENT CENTER is a brand new $20 Million multiplex with a capacity of up to 6,500 people. The event center is host to hockey games, curling, concerts, monster truck shows, and rodeo & stampede.


This state of the art aquatic center offers swimming lessons, public swimming, fitness programs, water safety classes, diving lessons, boating safety courses, and synchronized swimming

The Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts is housed in this historic 42,000 sq.ft. heritage building. This facility features the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre, a multi-purpose theatre space, meeting rooms, dance and textile studios and administrative offices. The new facility will provide a much needed home for the performing and visual arts and the retrofitting with state-of-the-art technology will minimize the centre’s environmental footprint.


Oil & Gas

Dawson Creek Oil and GasNorth Eastern BC is part of the geologic hydrocarbon bearing area known as the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). The Basin contains the vast majority of oil, gas and crude bitumen in Canada and is the current area of BC producing commercial quantities of oil and gas.

The amount of investment in oil & gas drilling sites in the Peace River area is astonishing. These oil companies are also providing thousands of jobs and investing millions of dollars in infrastructure.

  • EnCana increased its 2010 capital budget by $750 million, to a total of $4.5 billion, with 40% for Canadian projects. The company will spend $ 350 million in capital in the Horn River in 2010.
  • Kogas, a Korean gas company is investing $1.1 billion over the next 5 years in B.C gas
  • Over the next 10 years, BP plans to spend $1.5 billion developing the tight gas project on its 100 sections of land in the area near One Island Lake about 60 kilometres southeast of Dawson Creek/
  • During 2009 ARC spent $360 million on exploration, development and corporate activities and participated in 218 gross wells
  • BC Transmission Corporation is planning a $200 million project which would add a new transmission line from Chetwynd to Dawson Creek. The increased supply is needed due to a rapidly-growing oil and gas industry in and around Dawson Creek
  • Progress Energy Resources Corp. plans to hit the drill bit hard in the first quarter and will spend $125 million during the period to advance its programs in North Eastern British Columbia and Alberta’s Deep Basin.
  • BC Oil & Gas Commission is dealing with a lot more gas plant applications. The commission has to deal with five new gas plants, three new gas plants under construction, four in the application process and two new plants and two expansions expected to apply for approval in the next couple of months.


The 2.9 million-hectare Dawson Creek portion of the Peace Forest District provides an estimated 1,700 jobs, ranging from truck drivers and equipment operators to camp crews. Species harvested include spruce, pine, balsam, and aspen in quantities enough to build more than 33,000 houses annually!


Dawson CreekB.C.’s mining sector is poised for growth after 2010 with the rebound in copper, gold, and coal prices and demand in the Asian economy. Exploration expenditures were nearly $154 million, the sixth highest level in 20 years.

Terrane Metals is anticipating a 2010 summer start on site preparation for its $915-million Mount Milligan coppergold project, which is emerging as the first major mine to be developed in British Columbia in a decade Terrane expects Milligan will employ 400 full-time workers for a minimum 22-year mine life, with full operations commencing in late 2012 or early 2013.


The Peace River area accounts for approximately 90% of total provincial grain production, 90% of canola, as well as the majority of its forage seed. It also accounts for 30% of the provincial honey crop.